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Easy federated search is a federated search engine designed to accelerate patrons searches on "deep web" content. Easy federated search enables corporate users to launch a single query against scientific databases and portals all over the world. From an user's perspective easy federated search makes all the different databases act if they were unified. Federated search allows the information patron to search multiple datasources with a single query in real time. Easy federated search provides access to "deep web" databases that are not searchable by generic (web-) search engines. Easy federated search can handle access management without the need for an additional openurl resolver or any other access provisioning tool.

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Square Information Systems is the vendor of Easy Federated search and has more than 20 years of experience in library automation. SquareIS currently serves more than 800 customers in Europe. Easy federated search is one of their flagship products and differs to other available federated search products. It works by providing a proxy over http with advanced javascript rewriting techniques. Javascript rewriting has been tested with advanced GWT sites. Requests to destination, "deep-web" websites, pass their intermediate servers and authentication layers so access to destination sources is performed "under the hood" in a unified manner. No need for any other additional access management tools, like openurl resolvers ( but when required, they can be connected ). For the information patron, the sites behave like they originally do, except with the difference that every requests passes Square servers instead of directly communicating with the destination website. Normally you would think that this would make the sites behave slow. The easy federated search SAAS solution is scalable to max 65000 nodes and websites requests are auto-optimized using various methods of caching. It is fast.

Additionally, a website's behaviour can be changed using any one of their advanced connector scripting techniques. For example, on amazon you might want to let orders pass an authorative user first before ordering. Easy can change a site's behavior in such a way that every order is captured and handled in a different way.

This provides endless possibilities. Site functionality can be merged, enriched, changed or stripped from unwanted content.

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"We (always) optimize for ultra-speed."

Status SE: Hypertable implementation complete, other work in progress.

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